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What's In A Name?
Avalon has been a frequently used name in recent years. There was a movie named Avalon in the early nineties, Toyota has a car named Avalon and many other uses of the name have sprung up in recent years. We were founded in 1991, and selected the name of Avalon before the movie, before the car and before many of the other users of the name. We don't think they copied us but probably have different reasons for selecting the name than our reason.

Avalon was a mythological paradise island in the legend of King Arthur and where King Arthur would spend time to recover from the rigors of war and the stresses of live. We liked the concept of a benefit service company that allowed employers to recover from the rigors of employee benefits and the stresses of claims issues, and thus named it Avalon Benefit Services.

We work hard to live up to the name and find that our clients do find us a refreshing change.

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